Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gurdjieff / Tsabropoulos - Chants, Hymns and dances

Here you have another Gurdjieff piece with both piano and cello. Very interesting album that I recommend to you all.


griebs said...

thank you very much. this is instantly likable, something rare for me. have listened three times through. excellent addition.

BigFella said...

Maybe I'm awfully wrong here, but I think you once had a blog full of heavy psych rock, wich I enjoyed and loved very much. Sometime ago I found that the blog ( is closed and all I could find in google was your username. I'm looking for some of the great, rare, heavy music that was there, and I need some help pointing me in the right direction. I remember some band names (thunder and roses, Josefus, Jarvis Street Revue...) but I'd like if you could tell me more, or recommend me some records to find, in that bands' vein. If it's not you, then forgive this long and boring comment, and please excuse me. Great stuff you have here by the way.

PD: If you are kind enough to respond, please feel free to contact me on my blog "Palabras Simples"

Anonymous said...

Please share your views on the music on this blog


JackRamon said...


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