Sunday, January 3, 2010


A good and enlightening 2010 to both old and new people who visit this blog. Another year of selfwork and development is a head of us. As a wise man said, the world is what it is, But we can strive to change ourselves. I try in my own humble way to provide sounds to assist spirtual development or atleast strive to increase awareness of it. This time you get Tibetan singing bowls. This is deep, meditative music that appeals to people of our path(s). I hope this music gives you as much as it gives me. Best to you all. Please comment on the music that is posted.

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dmw said...

thanks a lot for all the posts - such a lovely music!

Anonymous said...

beautiful blog thank you very much !!! I've discovered many things, like Afghan Rubab and Sufi music, that I love now. if you find something else from Tibet, please post it! P.S. I've used Tibetan singing bowls for meditation, do it

Anonymous said...

This link is not working as well... The malicious "error" message appears!
could you guys fix it?
Many thanks for this GREAT blog!

singing bowls said...

Great! Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

my name is violetta and I am a tibetian singing bowls masseur from germany. Unfortunatelly I cant download your musik, because my computer is to slow. Therefore I would like to ask if there is a possibility to buy your musik also in Germany somehow?
Also I find you picture with the singing bowles very nice. Therefore I want to ask you if you would mind if i would use it as a picture in my flyer for my tibetian singing bowle massage. Of course I would pay you - or you get a free singing bowle massage if you will be one day in Frankfurt / Germany:)
Hope to get an anwer from you. Please send it to
yours violet

Anonymous said...
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violet said...

...oh.. sorry ..I think I sent the same now very often - was my mistake..


GiftsFromNepal said...

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